Server licenses 2019

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 is an operating system of the Windows series and successor to Windows Server 2016. Operating systems represent the interface between computer hardware and application programs. Network functionalities for use in complex structures are a matter of course for server operating systems.

Editions of Windows Server 2019 

Three different editions of Windows Server 2019 are available for different areas of application.


Areas of application

Windows Server 2019


-Installation 1x physical or 1x virtual

-CPU based

-no CALs required * (limited to 25 users / 50 devices)

-64 GB RAM limit

-Max. 2CPUs

Windows Server 2019


-2 VM or 2 Hyper-V Container

 (allows 2 OSEs if all cores are licensed)

-Core based

-CALs required

-24 TB RAM limit

- includes licenses for 16 Cores **

-unlimited cores

Windows Server 2019


-Unlimited VM and Hyper-V Container

-Core- based

-CALs required

-24TB RAM limit

-includes licenses for 16 Cores **

-unlimited cores

* An RDS CAL is required for remote desktop access.

** Servers with more than 16 CPU cores can be correctly licensed via additional licenses

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