MSA 2060/2062

What's New

  •  New 6th Gen MSA storage architecture (HW + SW) that provides a modernized HW platform with more resources for features such as Tiering 2.0, a new RAID protection scheme (MSA-DP+), a new task-optimized web interface, and highly optimized data management through a new RESTful interface.

  • Improved array performance that provides more IOPS, bandwidth and backend connectivity; up to 45% increase on IOPS, and up to 70% improvement on sequential throughput vs MSA Gen 5 (depending on protocol).

  • Capable of delivering over 325,000 IOPS for affordable application acceleration for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Simple made simpler with a new disk group type (MSA-DP+) that increases availability, dramatically decreases RAID rebuild times, improves performance, and simplifies setup (eliminates Power of 2 requirements, automatically handles spares), and provides more granular expansion of disk pools. 


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