Cals 2019

Windows Server 2019 CALs

When you set up a Windows server, you don't just need the license for the operating system. In addition, it is necessary to equip users and client devices with appropriate licenses. The CAL products are necessary for this.
All servers in an organization can be used with one CAL. A CAL can be used with standard and data center servers. Windows RDS CALs are required to access a terminal Server.


Windows Server 2019 CALs Types



User CAL

-Allows a user to access or use the server software from different devices

-sensible application area for more devices.

Device CAL

-Allows a device to access or use the server software

-The device can be used by any user

-sensible application, with more MA


-enable users and devices to access a terminal server (TS) and software that runs on the TS


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